Futurama Comics: To Infinity!

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Futurama Comics to Infinity
US Publish Numbers 037, 023, 039, 045
UK Publish Numbers 053, 035, 036, 054, 056
Published (US) 2013 (SDCC)

Futurama Comics to Infinity is a 104 page limited-edition trade paperback released at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. Unlike previous collections, the issues included are non-sequential, and were presumably chosen as examples of some of the better issues from the series in order to increase fan interest.

The Stories

Issue 37

"Full Metal Racket" Fry and Leela are "rescued" by Aliens for the Ethical Treatment of Mammals and left on a farm planet where the robotic farm equipment considers them pests.

Issue 23

"The A-Team" The crew accidentally rescue a previous Planet Express crew from another dimension. As the other crew is better, they are fired.

Issue 39

"Rust in Peace" Due to Bender's unusually advanced age, he is forced into retirement on the Near-Death Star.

Issue 45

"Anthology of Interest II" The return of the What-If Machine. For the first time; pretty much everyone from Planet Express gets to ask a question.

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