Kickin' It Old School

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Kickin' It Old School
US Publish Number16
UK Publish Number(s)22, 23
Written byIan Boothby
Art byJames Lloyd
Title captionNot your grandfather's Futurama!
UK title captionHotter than robot hell!
Published (US)4 February, 2004
Published (UK)28 July, 2005 (part 1)
25 August, 2005
(part 2)
In trade paperbackThe Time Bender Trilogy

"Kickin' It Old School" is the sixteenth comic issue, which was released 4 February, 2004 in the US and 28 July, 2005 in the UK.

The Story

Act I

After Cubert’s marks drop from A+ to A, Professor Farnsworth decides to send him to boarding school and Fry, Bender and Leela are sent to look for schools for him. The only decent school on the list is on the planet Curriculax and when they get there Cubert tricks the crew into signing admission forms so they are also stuck in school. The crew reveal that they hated school; Fry had a gym teacher who made his life hell, all of the kids had nothing to do with Leela and Bender had a learning disability. In class Bender quickly calculates his math to make the class respect him but instead it angers them and they chase him around the school, Leela becomes popular because she has a spaceship, and the students trick Fry into breaking the rules causing him to do hard laps and have to shower in liquid nitrogen.

Act II

Fry wants to escape but Leela is happy and Bender is trying to be respected. Leela and her new friends slingshot around the sun to go back in time and not be late for class, but this triggers a supernova and the planet is about to burn. The heat kills Fry’s gym teacher, which gives him and Bender the chance to escape while Leela is in detention, but Fry refuses to go without the rest of the school. The principal won’t let them leave the school so Fry purposely gets the crew and Cubert expelled. Cubert has an idea to attach the school and the ship to bike chains and drop the school off on another planet. Everything goes fine until the crew return to find Earth has been deserted…

Additional Info



    Fry: So what's your plan?
    Cubert: You're standing right in front of it.
    Bender: Your plan is Fry?

    Leela: Come on! Pick up! Pick up! He's not answering. Neither is Amy, Hermes, Zoidberg or Scruffy.
    Fry: Who's Scruffy?




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