Delivery-Boy Man

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Delivery-Boy Man
US Publish NumberS03
UK Publish Number(s)US only
Written byN/A
Art byN/A
Title captionNone
Published (US)Comic-Con 2010
For other uses, see Delivery-Boy Man (disambiguation).

"Delivery-Boy Man" is the third special edition comic of Futurama. It is advertised as being written by Philip J. Fry. For these reasons, "Delivery-Boy Man" is not considered part of the comic canon.

The Story

You heard about it at the “Futurama” panel. Now collect Philip J. Fry’s Delivery-Boy Man. Learn the startling origin of Delivery-Boy Man! Marvel at his battle versus Invader X (both Parts 1 and 2)! Deliver-Boy Man delivers the goods…and returns the bads! Available at both the Bongo booth (#2519) and the Fox Home Entertainment booth (#4313) while supplies last!

Additional Info


  • This comic was only available from Comic-Con in 2010 and subsequently eBay and other locations fans might upload to or sell from.
  • The cover is based on Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman.
  • An intentionally poorly animated version of this comic appears in the bonus features of Volume 5, complete with narration by Fry.


Outside References

  • The origin story of Delivery-Boy Man is a parody of/was ripped off from the origins of Superman (the hero's original parents were scientists on another planet and was adopted by an Earth couple), Batman (the parents were shot by a mysterious man), Spider-Man (bit by a radioactive spider, or in this case, "stung" by a spider's stinger even though spiders do not have stingers in real life), Wolverine from X-Men (the metal claws), and Wonder Woman (the Wonder Woman costume was meant to be sent to Planet Amazonia, a reference to the fact that Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess).


Comic Credits