Do You Want Fry with That?

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Do You Want Fry with That?
Futurama Comic 56.png
US Publish Number56
UK Publish Number(s)62
Written byIan Boothby
Art byMike Kazaleh
Title captionIt's the end of the world as we know it!
Published (US)27 July, 2011
Published (UK)9 February, 2012

Do You Want Fry with That? is the fifty-sixth comic issue, released 27 July, 2011 in the US.

The Story

Act I

Zoidberg, instead of feeding the space lobsters he was asked to feed has eaten their food and taken the tank the space octopus they were also supposed to be delivering for his own use. Fry takes it personally, saying that no-one ever listens to him. Leela and Bender are arguing about whether a nearby planet is Earth. While it looks identical, Bender's galactic positioning system says they're light years away. Fry decides to hail the planet to settle the argument, but launches an anti-asteroid missile instead, blowing up the planet. After a month in prison, in a DOOP courtroom Fry learns he had only blown up an Earthies restaurant and is being sued by Earthies' president, King Wendell Colonel Clown III. Fry and the rest of the crew are ordered to work for Earthies until they can pay off the debt, which would take three generations. The quartet are then set up as the only staff running the planet sized restaurant. Fry discovers that the only way to get deliveries across the planet quickly is to change the planet's rotation in the control room near the kitchen. To reward Fry for preventing the staff from dying of exhaustion, which would normally happen, Wendell promotes him to manager. Fry, uses the opportunity to have people listen to what he has to say and becomes very bossy. Bender is sent online to buy $50 worth of MP3s, but seeing the prices, decides to download them illegally instead.

Act II

Fry has become an unpleasant boss and but refuses to accept an offer from the competition to be paid to accidentally burn down the restaurant, however they plan to destroy it anyway. Bender has trouble logging out and is attacked by digital representations of the recording artists. Leela and Zoidberg end a strike after being informed that the planet will soon be blown up and being promoted to co-manager. Fry brings Bender offline just in time to save him, but he's picked up some viruses, which gives Fry an idea of a movie to steal an idea from. The competitors allow Fry to order a last meal over Bender's wi-fi connection. They decide to tell Fry the truth, that he wasn't the one who actually blew up the other Earthies, and in fact Wendell is working with them as ha finds it more profitable to collect insurance money. The viruses that were sent to the ships cause the controls to lock up and the ships to crash. Back at Planet Express, Farnsworth removes the viruses from Bender, then informs Fry that to pay for the missile he wasted he will have a year's worth of kitchen duty.

Additional Info



    Judge: Destroyed the Earth? No! No! You blew up an Earth-themed restaurant called Earthies! There are dozens of them! The one you destroyed was under construction. No one was working at the time.
    [Fry turns to Leela and Bender.]
    Fry: Why didn't you tell me this when you visited me in prison?
    Leela: I thought Bender told you!
    Bender: I thought Leela told you. Ha! You thought you killed billions of people? That's funny!

    Bender: Fry! Thanks for bringing me back! It was horrible in there!
    Fry: Let me tell you what's going on...
    [Ten seconds later...]
    Bender: Send me back! It's worse out here!

    Fry: Well, on the bright side, I've lived the American dream! Blowing up my boss!

    Professor Farnsworth: There you go, virus free! If you'd only stop running on a PC engine, this wouldn't happen!
    Bender: Never!

    Fry: I'm really sorry. I'd like to pay for the damages, but I work for slave wages!
    Professor Farnsworth: Slave wages? Who raised his salary?

    [Fry accidently activates the ship's Anti-Asteroid Missile Launcher and destroys what looks like Earth.]
    Fry: Ooops!
    Zoidberg: Noooo...not Earth! All my scavengings are there!

    Bender: Sorry, I was on the phone with my bookie. Did I miss us getting boned?
    Leela: No, it's happening right now!


  • King Wendell Colonel Clown III is a reference to the mascots of four US fast-food outlets; Burger King, Wendy's, KFC and McDonald's.
  • Momtunes is a reference to iTunes.
  • Various real-world recording artists and album covers appear online.
  • Tux — the Linux mascot — and the Twitter bird logo help Bender with his piracy.
  • Fry's idea is stolen from Independence Day.
  • The smoke left behind towards the end when Fry destroys all the ships forms the McDonald's logo.


  • The DOOP judge appears to be an Omicronian; despite his species not being a member of the DOOP, however he may be a citizen of a planet other than Omicron Persei 8.
  • In this issue, Bender is identified as the ship's navigator as opposed to recent issues where he is correctly noted as the chef.
  • Bender refuses to stop using the PC based engine, however in "Neutopia" he prefers Mac.
    • There might be other reasons why he might not want to make the switch.
    • He might have changed his mind.


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