Rumble in the Jungle

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Rumble in the Jungle
US Publish Number38
UK Publish Number(s)53
Written byIan Boothby
Art byTom King
Title captionYIVO LOVES YOU!
Published (US)23 July, 2008

"Rumble in the Jungle" is the thirty-eighth comic issue, which was released 23 July, 2008 in the US.

The Story

Act I

After Fry and Bender's disobedience leads to the ship heading in for a crash landing, the crew abandon ship and end up separated. Before she can use it to send an SOS, a cyborg-leopard breaks Leela's wristlojackimator. She soon avenges it by killing the leopard and the local tribe of tech workers offer her the position of queen. Meanwhile Fry is wandering around hallucinating from exhaustion and comes across Bender's stripped down casing, with a note from Bender requesting vengeance, which Fry then promises him. Leela returns to her village having defeated another animal. With her clothes ruined, the tribe offer her a bikini made from the skin of the leopard. Fry continues dragging Bender's casing, but find's some of Bender's belongings and follows the trail to a pair of passed out villagers. He attempts to take the box of robot parts from them, but the bottom opens and they wake up and call their colleagues.

Act II

Fry attempts to hide in a cave, but is heard and it's a dead end. He puts on bender's casing (except the hands) as a suit of armour. "Iron Fry" proves too strong for the tribesmen and so they summon the queen. With Fry angry at Leela for leading a group that did such a thing to Bender and Leela thinking Fry is crazy, the two begin a battle, which Fry wins. Bender speaks up, he is in a computer to help speed it up. Leela demands the techs put him back, which they do, they also fix the ship. Leela decides to stay because she is respected, and the others also agree to stay. Only moments after deciding to stay, Mom arives, she's bought the shipping company the techs work for, and is reassigning them to a sweatshop on Mercury. Leela gets revenge on Mom by having Bender release the animals she'd captured into Mom's ship.

Additional Info


Outside References

  • Fry's "Iron Fry" page is a reference to Iron Man


  • Leela's outfit keeps switching between one and two shoulder straps


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