Welcome to my Nightmall

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Welcome to my Nightmall
Futurama-43-Cover 0.jpg
US Publish Number43
UK Publish Number(s)55
Written byIan Boothby
Art byJohn Delaney
Title captionBoothby - Delany - Davis
Published (US)28 May, 2009

"Welcome to my Nightmall" is the forty-third comic issue, which was released 28 May, 2009 in the US.

The Story

Act I

Fry and Leela have dinner (as friends) at Elzar's where Fry's credit card is declined. The next morning, Fry visits his bank and learns that his account is overdrawn by $13. After explaining his situation to the Professor, and demanding to be paid what he is worth, Fry's salary is halved. Following a series of failed second jobs Fry returns home and goes to sleep. In the dream, his feet become stuck to the ground until Sal appears and cuts him free, then sells him a set of steak knives. Inspired, Fry heads to DreamCo, where he gets a job and begins selling products to colleagues and acquaintances.

Act II

Fry eventually arrives in Leela's dream, in which she is on stage as a singer at Madison Cube Garden. He exits the dream immediately, deciding to make her dream come true. This means he needs more money to rent the venue, which means that he needs to make a lot more sales. The next day Fry surprises Leela with a trip to Madison Cube Garden, where she is reminded of a recurring nightmare that has lasted since childhood and falls into a terror coma. Fry runs off to DreamCo and enters the dream, where he helps Leela get over her fear. The concert goes well, with Leela already on the third encore when Fry returns. Leela invites Fry to her place for dinner the next night, where she tries to help him get over a fear of spiders.

Additional Info


  • This is one of the rare comics whose cover is a direct copy of one of the comic panels.
  • Sal quits this job out of boredom, which may help explain his long résumé.
  • Zoidberg, Leela, Amy and Zapp Brannigan were all sleeping in the middle of the day.
  • Despite her performance at the Metropolitan House of Opera, Leela suffers nightmares about singing in front of large audiences.
  • This is the first time we have seen Leela's new apartment since her old building was knocked down by the scammers.


    Bender: Fry, you fool! Don't you see! When you buy in the dream, you buy in real life!

    Zapp: Fry? What are you doing in my romantic dream? This is very disturbing! You think you can trust your own subconscious. Well, at least you're not Kif again.



  • Zoidberg's dream appears to be a parody of House.
  • Two of the employees of Speed Force Burgers appear to be based on incarnations of The Flash.
  • Morry appears to be a spoof of the DC Comics character Morpheus.


  • Sal and Fry's manager at DreamCo's name is spelt differently the two times it is seen.
  • Nurse Ratchet's face is coloured as if it were skin. However this is Zoidberg's dream.


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