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Big rock alien
Bike thief
Bill Clinton's headBill MorrisonBill Morrison Robot
Bill OakleyBill OdenkirkBill and Keith
Billionaire Bot
Billy (disambiguation)
Billy Crystal's headBilly EveryteenBilly West
Billy West (character)
Biographic projectorBirthday
Birthing machine
Bisque guyBite my shiny metal ass
Björk's head
Black dwarf systemBlack hole
Blade RunnerBlatherbotBlek
Blek's wifeBlernsballBlernsball Hall of Fame
Blind JoeBlinkyBlip gang
Bloodthirsty shrimpBlorgulax
Blu-ray Disc releases
Bob BarkerBob Barker's head
Bob OdenkirkBob Uecker
Bob Uecker's headBogad
Bogad swamp "horse"Bolt Rolands
Bone vampires
BoneitisBongoBongo (disambiguation)
Bongo Bonus StampsBongo Comics Group
Bonneville Salt FlatlandsBonobo & AssociatesBonsai tree
Bont the ViscousBoobs Vanderbilt
Booby Tuesday'sBook of Pickup LinesBoomsday!
BoozMartBooze kitchen
Borax Kid
Boris Yeltsin's headBostonBoston Poindexters
Bottomless Boy
Box NetworkBoxy Robot
Boxy Robot (All My Circuits)
Brad ThompsonBrain (disambiguation)
Brain Balls
Brain slugs
Brain spawnBrainbowl
Brangelina childrenBrannigan's Law
Brannigan, Begin Again
Bret HaalandBrett Blob
Brian KelleyBrian Sheesley
Brittany Murphy
Bronx Zoo
Brooklyn Pre-Med Junior Hospital
Brown University
BuggaloBuggalo Bill's
Build-A-Bot WorkshopBull Space Moose Party
Bumbase Alpha
Bumper Robinson
BureaucratsBurger King
Burt Ward's head
ButchButch's gangButch's girlfriend
Butch's momBuzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin (character)
Byrne OffuttC-3PO look-alikeC-SPAN9
CalculonCalculon (All My Circuits)
Calculon 2.0Calculon Is HAL 9000
Camp Rectifier
Can't Get Enough FuturamaCancellation of Futurama
Cape KnievelCaptain's Handbook
Captain AhabCaptain Lance Starman
Captain Mega MeatCaptain Mega Meat and Bottomless Boy
Captain MuskyCaptain Yesterday
Captain of the S.S. Miami Muy Caliente
Career chip
CarlosCarlos Baeza
Carlos ValentiCarnival-ride operator
Carolyn Premish
Cartridge Unit
Catastrophe Beach Party
CatchphraseCategory Index
Catskills LodgeCave of Harmony
Cave of HopelessnessCavern on the Green
Cavitar ToothpasteCeiling Fan
Censored coupleCensorship
Center-square manCentral Bureaucracy
Central ParkCentral Park badger
Cereal girl
Ceremonial killamajigChain Smoker
Chainsaw-Eating RobotChamber of Understanding
Channel 4
Channel 4√4
Channel √2Channel √2 NewsChanukah
Chanukah ZombieChapek 9
Chapek 9 v. Fry and Leela
CharlesCharles (disambiguation)Charles Constantine
Charles de Gaulle's head
Charleston Chew
CharlieCharlie's Angels III: The Legend of Charlie's Gold
Charlie SchlatterChaz
Checkers' head
Cheez NubsCherry Hill Skymall
Chester A. Arthur's head