Cavern on the Green

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Cavern on the Green
Cavern on the Green.jpg
LocationNew New York, Earth
First appearance"A Leela of Her Own" (3ACV16)

The Cavern on the Green is another of Elzar's fancy restaurants. The place's unique rock formations were created over millions of years by mineral rich water dripping from pores in the ceiling. It was visited by Fry and Leela in July of 3010.

By the year 3050, the Cavern on the Green is abandoned. In another universe, out of sadness and nostalgia, Leela decides to walk in the old restaurant and write a message to Fry on what used to be the ceiling. One billion years later, he enters that same restaurante, which has returned to being a real cavern, and sees it.

Known Employees

Employees on the Green

Additional Info


  • The name "Cavern on the Green" is a reference to a restaurant located on New York City called Tavern on the Green. This parody is the same as the one done in the live-action Flinstones film.
    • Tavern on the Green closed 31 December, 2009
    • Reopened in 2014.


    Waiter on the Green: While you await your "friend", allow me to read from a prepared history of our cavern.

    Elzar: Hey, aren't you the loser who got stood up on my other restaurant?
    Leela: Just shut up and bring me two dinners.