Central Bureaucracy

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Central Bureaucracy
Central Bureaucracy 3010.jpg
The Central Bureaucracy Building as seen in 3010. [6ACV06]
LocationNew New York, Earth
First appearance"How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back" (2ACV11)

The Central Bureaucracy is the main headquarters of the organization of the same name. It is located in New New York, Earth, and was first established in 2159. Many bureaucrats work within the building, and it seems that each one of them handles financial, legal, and other business matters throughout the city.

Bureaucrats at the Central Bureaucracy use a numerical ranking system, where lower numbers outrank higher ones. It is unclear whether more than one bureaucrat is allowed to have the same number, or if promotions are only through vacancies or displacements. For example, going up a rank forces the former owner of the number to go down a rank. Number 1.0 is the highest rank seen, though the decimal place implies that there may be ranks above his or that the higher ranks (9 or higher) go in decimals rather then whole numbers. There is also a special grade for one-hour bureaucrats, such as Turanga Leela, who covered for Hermes Conrad in 3010, the Li'l Bureaucrat grade.

The Central Bureaucracy Building is located in enormous, and appears to be a cement-grey, windowless perfect cube. Only two entrances are shown: the public entrance and a private entrance the Planet Express crew entered by lying to a bureaucrat. The building is labyrinthine, to the point where most bureaucrats require a Slowmobile to move about the facility efficiently and trying to find even a washroom can cause some people to go completely insane, including Professor Farnsworth.

Employees communicate by pneumatic tubes, possibly ramifications of the Tube Transport System, which run not only throughout the complex, but have terminals at their assigned businesses, such as the Planet Express headquarters. At the center of the building is the master in-pile, a room known as the Central Filing, where most incoming messages are deposited for later sorting. The bureaucracy is so inefficient that the pile has been backed up for ages, leaving a mountainous pile of messages.

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  • The Central Bureaucracy Building.

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  • The long line of people waiting at the entrance is excessively slow moving, to the point where waiting for a birth certificate can require an entire lifetime and children are birthed (causing the entire line to shift back by one) without provoking distress.
  • The B in the sign seen in 3010 is actually the golden arch M from McDonald's turned sideways.


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