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Brown University
Brown University.jpg
The sign.
LocationNNY Sewers, Earth
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12)
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Brown University is the premiere institution of lower learning in the NNY Sewers wherein the Sewer Mutants learn how to maintain the sewerage of New New York. It is probably what remains of a university of the same name founded in the 18th century.

The University is financed by the United Mutant Scholarship Fund, which in 3010 was supported by the Astor Endowment Fundraiser. Turanga Leela thought it was just a tax-deductible sewer-cleaning surface but, according to Mrs. Astor, Brown University is also about keeping "those filthy things" too busy to protest for equal rights. Despite its existence, however, the Mutants did revolt, and were officially pronounced free in 3010. [6ACV12]

In the episode "Zapp Dingbat", Brown University is shown on film at Leela's parent's 40th Anniversary. Leela's mother, Turanga Munda, attended Brown University as an Exo-linguistics Major, while Leela's father, Turanga Morris, attended as a laid back sewer surfer who didn't even know the meaning of Exo-Linguistics. It was at Brown University where Leela's parents met and fell in love. Since "Zapp Dingbat" takes place in 3012 and it's Leela's parents' 40th anniversary, it means Brown University has been operating with Mutants in attendance since the year 2972 at least.

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    Leela: I guess you mean well. But isn't that university just a tax-deductible sewer-cleaning service?
    Mrs. Astor: Oh, my dear! That school is about much more than sewer pipes.
    Leela: Really?
    Mrs. Astor: It's also about keeping those filthy things busy.