Chapek 9 v. Fry and Leela

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Chapek 9 v. Fry and Leela
Chapek 9-Fry and Leela.jpg
LocationHall of Justice, Chapek 9
Judge(s)Computer Judge
DefendantFry and Leela
Charged forBeing human
VerdictExecution by Bender.
Appearance"Fear of a Bot Planet" (1ACV05)

The Chapek 9 v. Fry and Leela case was a trial by the robot court with the Honourable Computer Judge presiding at the Hall of Justice. Fry and Leela were charged for being human. There were no witnesses in the trail. The decision of the judge was that the defendants guilty after considering the evidence, and frezing up. They were sentenced to perform tedious calculations and spot-weld automobiles, until they become obsolete and are given away to an inner-city middle school. Although, the Robot Elders told them that the case was just a show for the public. They were really sentenced to execution by Bender.

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    Robot Mayor: Your Honour, I intend to demonstrate beyond 0.5% of a doubt that these humans before us are guilty of the crime of being humans. Come to think of it, I rest my case!
    Judge: Thank you Prosecuter, I will now consider the evidence
    [He begins to consider. A blue bar moves across his screen.]
    Fry: Hey wait a minute! Isn't anyone going to defend us?
    Leela: Yeah! I mean he might not have a case but I'm genuinely not human.
    Robot Mayor: Quiet human!

    Judge: I find the defendants - guilty!