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Segmented episodes are Futurama episodes that include three different stories, often framed in and often non-canon.

The first segmented episode was "Anthology of Interest I" in the second season, though the writers already added the Roman numeral to mark an interest in making more, like "Anthology of Interest II" from the third season. The Anthology of Interest episodes feature an invention of the Professor, the What-If Machine. When asked a what-if scenario (for example what if Bender were Human), the What-if Machine simulates the scenario on screen, and it is shown to the Planet Express crew and the viewers of the episode. These episodes thus feature a canon frame, surrounding three what-if scenario stories.

The first segmented episode not being a part of the Anthology of Interest series was "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" from the sixth season, which featured three different non-canon holiday stories. "Reincarnation" is also a segmented episode and presumably non-canon, featuring the Futurama series in three different animation styles.


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Segmented episodes

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