George Takei

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George Takei
George Takei 1996.jpg
ProfessionGuest voice actor
Born20 April, 1937
IMDB profilenm0001786
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This article is about the actor. For the Futurama character , see George Takei's head.

George Hosato Takei Altman is an American actor, producer, and writer who has provided the voice of his own head in a jar on Futurama. As an actor, he is most widely known for his role as the original Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek franchise, playing the character in the original series, the first six films, and many other places within the franchise. He has been active in film and television since 1959, with notable guest roles roles on television series such as Heroes, Malcolm in the Middle and The Simpsons. In addition, he is famous as an outspoken proponent of gay rights and has gained recognition for focusing attention on the Japanese-American internment during World War II.


On 14 May 2012, Comedy Central announced in a press release that George Takei would be guest starring in an episode of season 7.[1] On 31 May, the website Zap2it published an article in which Matt Groening revealed that it would be as himself.[2]

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