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The long-range scanner is a scanner on which, in 3013, the professor picked up the ship of Nibbler's personal chauffeur. [7ACV23] He was able to deduce that the ship was emitting musical tones in an effort to communicate, and that it would reach Earth in two weeks. (more...)

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Futurama Comics #83

Release date: September 20, 2017 (digital)

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Release date: September 14, 2017

The Planet Express crew, in audio form, confront a powerful being composed entirely of soundwaves from podcasts from the 21st century.

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6 October, 2017: The first Halloween event of the mobile game, Worlds of Tomorrow, "Robot Hell on Earth" begins.

29 September, 2017: The Entertainment District is added to the mobile game, Worlds of Tomorrow.

20 September, 2017: Futurama Comics, issue 83, "Bendocchio" is exclusively released through the Futuramaland mobile app.

20 September, 2017: "Getting Experimental", the tenth event of the mobile game, Worlds of Tomorrow, begins.


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2012: "31st Century Fox" and "Naturama" aired for the first time.

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Infosphere:Anniversary List


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Infosphere:Anniversaries/27 March

2002: "Planet X-Press Men" was released.

Infosphere:Anniversaries/29 March

No anniversaries available. If you know of one, please add it.

The air dates and release dates

6 January 3ACV18

10 January Doctor What U.K.

12 January 4ACV01, part A of The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 3 U.K.

13 January The Bender You Say U.K.

21 January 3ACV02

23 January New Year's Rockin' Evil U.S., The Cure for the Common Clod U.S.

24 January ...But Deliver Us to Evil! U.S.

26 January A Bump in the Flight U.S.

27 January Chitty Chitty Bend Bend U.S.

28 January Volume One Region 2

30 January The Sun Also Raises! U.S.

31 January Downsized! U.S.

1 February How to Secede Without Really Trying U.S.

2 February The A-Team U.S.

4 February 3ACV01, Kickin' It Old School U.S., Soldier Boys U.S.

6 February 2ACV05

9 February part B of The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 3 U.K., Do You Want Fry with That? U.K., Steampunk'd U.K.

10 February 4ACV03

11 February 3ACV06

12 February DOOP the Right Thing! U.K.

13 February 2ACV07

17 February 4ACV02

18 February 3ACV07

20 February 2ACV06

23 February ItWGY Europe DVD and Blu-ray

24 February ItWGY U.S. DVD and Blu-ray

25 February 3ACV08

27 February 2ACV08

2 March 4ACV04

3 March 3ACV10

4 March 3ACV05, ItWGY Australia DVD and Blu-ray

5 March BBS Australia

9 March Volume 3 Region 1, Bender Breaks Out U.K.

10 March 3ACV17

11 March 3ACV04

17 March 3ACV20

19 March 2ACV09

22 March Twice Told Tales of Interest U.S.

23 March 5ACV01 - 5ACV04, How Much is that Mutant in the Window? U.S.

24 March Claw and Order U.S., The Board Game Games U.S.

25 March Volume One Region 1, Homeward Boned U.S.

26 March Sideshow Fry U.S., You Don't Wanna Know Jak! U.S.

27 March Planet X-Press Men U.S.

28 March 1ACV01, Volume 5 Region 4 Blu-ray, Volume 6 Region 4 Blu-ray, The Owner of Mars Attacks! U.S., Fry and the Double-Bag Must-Have Item U.S., The Bot Who Cried Wolf U.S., The Sun Also Raises! U.K.

30 March 4ACV09

31 March 3ACV21

1 April 3ACV09, Volume 6 Region 2

2 April 2ACV11, 4ACV11

4 April 1ACV02

6 April 1ACV03, 4ACV10

7 April 3ACV16, BBS Europe, part 1 of Six Characters in Search of a Story U.K.

8 April 3ACV11, Planet X-Press Men U.K.

9 April 2ACV10

13 April 1ACV04

14 April 3ACV22

16 April 2ACV12

20 April 1ACV05

22 April 3ACV13, second cancellation

26 April 5ACV09 - 5ACV12

27 April 1ACV06

30 April 2ACV13

4 May 1ACV07

5 May part 2 of Six Characters in Search of a Story U.K.

6 May 3ACV14

7 May 2ACV15

11 May 1ACV08

13 May 3ACV15, Volume Two Region 4

14 May 2ACV14

18 May 1ACV09

21 May 2ACV16

22 May Freaky Fry-day U.S.

23 May DOOP the Right Thing! U.S.

24 May Robot Robin Hood U.S.

25 May The Trouble With Trilogies U.S.

26 May The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 1 U.S., As the Wormhole Turns U.S., Dummy Up! U.S.

28 May The Bender You Say U.S., Full Metal Racket U.S., Welcome to my Nightmall U.S.

30 May Troop Grit U.S.

1 June 4ACV12

2 June Volume 3 Region 2, part 1 of Fry Me to the Moon U.K.

3 June Freaky Fry-day U.K.

5 June The Owner of Mars Attacks! U.K.

8 June 4ACV15, Bender Breaks Out U.S.

15 June 4ACV16

19 June 7ACV15, 7ACV17

20 June 7ACV01, 7ACV02

23 June 6ACV17, 6ACV20

24 June TBwaBB U.S., 6ACV01, 6ACV02

26 June 7ACV16

27 June 7ACV03

30 June TBwaBB Europe, 6ACV19, part 2 of Fry Me to the Moon U.K.

1 July 6ACV03

3 July 7ACV14

4 July 7ACV04

7 July 6ACV16

8 July 6ACV04

10 July 7ACV18

11 July 7ACV05

13 July 4ACV17

14 July 6ACV14

15 July 6ACV05

17 July 7ACV19

18 July 7ACV06

20 July 4ACV13

21 July 6ACV21, Your Mother Wears Pilot Boots U.S.

22 July 6ACV06, The Fry and the Furious! U.S.

23 July Six Characters in Search of a Story U.S., Rumble in the Jungle U.S.

24 July 7ACV20

25 July 7ACV07, Who's Dying to Be a Gazillionaire? U.S., Doctor What U.S.

26 July A Whole Lotta Leela U.S.

27 July 4ACV14, Do You Want Fry with That? U.S.

28 July 6ACV23, part 1 of Kickin' It Old School U.K., The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 2 U.S.

29 July 6ACV07

31 July 7ACV21

1 August game Europe, 7ACV08, Lost Our Leela U.S.

3 August 4ACV06

4 August 6ACV15

5 August 6ACV08

6 August TBwaBB Australia

7 August 7ACV22

8 August 7ACV09

9 August The Bot Who Cried Wolf U.K., Troop Grit U.K.

10 August 4ACV18

11 August 6ACV22

12 August 6ACV09, Volume Two Region 1

14 August game U.S., 7ACV23

15 August 7ACV10

18 August 6ACV18

19 August 6ACV10

21 August 7ACV24

22 August 7ACV12

23 August Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection

24 August Volume 4 Region 1

25 August 6ACV24, part 2 of Kickin' It Old School U.K.

26 August 6ACV11, The Big Sweep U.K.

29 August 7ACV11, 7ACV13

30 August 5ACV13-5ACV16

1 September 6ACV25

2 September 6ACV12

8 September 6ACV26, How Much is that Mutant in the Window? U.K.

22 September part A of The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 1 U.K.

23 September The Cure for the Common Clod U.K.

24 September Volume 3 Region 4

26 September 1ACV10, Attack of the 50-ft Amy U.S.

28 September Steampunk'd U.S.

29 September The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 3 U.S., Fry Cook! U.S.

30 September Anthology of Interest II (comic) U.S.

1 October Rust in Peace U.S.

3 October 1ACV11, Igner-Ance is Bliss! U.S.

8 October Fry Me to the Moon U.S.

9 October Who's Dying to Be a Gazillionaire? U.K., New Year's Rockin' Evil U.K.

12 October More than a Filling! U.S.

13 October Futurama: The Complete Collection 1999-2009 Region 1

19 October 5ACV05 - 5ACV08, Futurama: The Collected Epics Region 2

20 October part B of The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 1 U.K.

24 October Xmas Time Is Fear U.S.

1 November Lost Our Leela U.K., Igner-Ance is Bliss! U.K.

2 November Volume 5 Region 4 DVD

3 November BG Europe DVD and Blu-ray

4 November BG U.S. DVD and Blu-ray, Futurama: The Collected Epics Region 4

5 November 2ACV18

7 November 1ACV12

10 November 4ACV08

11 November Volume Two Region 2

14 November 1ACV13

17 November 4ACV07, part A of The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 2 U.K.

21 November 2ACV01, 6ACV13

23 November A Fit Worse than Death U.S.

24 November Volume 4 Regions 2 and 4, Ro-Botox! U.S.

25 November Follow the Reader U.S.

26 November 2ACV17, Robot Santa's Little Helpers U.S.

27 November BBS U.S., Volume One Region 4, The Big Sweep U.S.

28 November 2ACV02, Secret Santa U.S.

29 November Let's Twist Again U.S., Planet Michelle U.S.

30 November Boomsday! U.S.

3 December 2ACV19

4 December Xmas Time Is Fear U.K.

5 December ...But Deliver Us to Evil! U.K.

8 December 3ACV12

9 December 3ACV19

10 December BG Australia DVD and Blu-ray

11 December Volume 7 Region 1

12 December 2ACV03, Volume 7 Region 4

15 December part B of The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 2 U.K.

16 December Sideshow Fry U.K.

19 December 2ACV04

20 December Volume 6 Region 1

21 December Volume 5 Region 1, Volume 6 Region 4 DVD

22 December 4ACV05

23 December 3ACV03

26 December Volume 5 Region 2