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TypeIntergalactic Flagship
First appearance"Love's Labours Lost in Space" (1ACV04)

The Nimbus (registry BP-1729) is the intergalactic flagship of the DOOP fleet, which docks at the South Street Spaceport. In command of this impressive vessel is the equally impressive 25-Star-General Zapp Brannigan. This massive ship has enough firepower to blow up a large space-station (2ACV02), and is capable of entering a planet's atmosphere to deploy troops to the surface (2ACV17). The Nimbus is also equipped with a Holo-Shed (4ACV01), where the crew can rest and relax between suicide missions. Its most powerful weapon, the U.U.M. is capable of destroying entire universes, such as Yivo's Universe (TBWABB).

This intergalactic flagship looks like a cross between the mouth of a shark and a can of ham, and has fourteen decks (4ACV05). It was severely damaged by the Decapodians when Earth and Decapod 10 were at war, but was later repaired and rescued the Planet Express crew from an energy being, by arresting them (4ACV11). During 3007, the Nimbus was struck and fell towards Earth, though it was again repaired, and played an important role in the Battle for Earth. In 3008, the Nimbus also defended Earth from Yivo. It was later sliced in two again in Leo Wong's miniature golf course, and repaired at an XM Radio repair station just in time to arrest the Feministas, who had conveniently come out of a nearby wormhole. The ship is later assumed destroyed after crashing in New New York, with the Planet Express ship, in 3009.

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