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Fry escapes to 1 January, 2000.
The Earthican fleet attacks.
  • NovemberDecember
    • The people who cancelled Planet Express's license are fired for incompetence and then beaten up. Most die from their injuries and are ground into a pink powder used for various reasons. Planet Express are allowed back on the air.
    • Nudist alien scammers take control of Planet Express and eventually Earth and send Bender back in time to steal Earth's treasures.
    • Fry travels back in time to New York in 2000 to resume his old life.
    • The nudists tell Bender to go back to the year 2000 to kill Fry.
    • Bender comes back and tells the crew at Fry's funeral that he killed Fry. Fry comes to his own funeral, telling everyone his adventure up to when he froze himself.
    • Leela falls in love with Lars Fillmore and nearly marries him. The wedding is called off after Hermes is decapitated again.
    • The Battle for Earth occurs, resulting in the death of the scammer aliens after a doomsday device is launched at the their spaceship.
    • Bender gets awarded the Dirty Double-Cross for this part in defeating the scammers.