Panama Wormhole

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Panama Wormhole
LocationMilky Way
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

The Panama Wormhole is a wormhole near Earth, which goes to a location near the violet dwarf star, and is primarily used for shipping.

When fleeing from Zapp Brannigan, after preventing the violet dwarf star from collapsing, and thus allowing the birth of the Last Encyclopod, the Planet Express crew entered the wormhole, without knowledge of its destination in an attempt to flee the Nimbus. [ItWGY]

On the other side, they discovered they were back near Earth, and the Professor realised which wormhole it was. [6ACV01]

Additional Info


  • The Panama Wormhole is named after the Panama Canal.
  • When the ship first entered the wormhole, it converted into a pattern of light similar to the one seen at the beginning of the opening sequence.
  • The Professor identifies it as "Earth's central channel for shipping," and later as "sort of a Comedy Central channel." This is an obvious reference to Futurama's change of network. It is one of the few stable 2-way wormholes in the series.