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Tertiary character
Star Trek character
Leonard Nimoy as Spock, on a USS Enterprise set, on the planet Omega 3, in 3004. [4ACV11]
Date of birth2230 [1]
Date of death2285 [a] (reborn) [b]
Planet of originVulcan (city of ShiKahr)
ProfessionMilitary officer
RelativesSarek [2] — father,
Amanda Grayson — mother,
Other relatives
First appearance"A Big Piece of Garbage" (1ACV08)
Played byLeonard Nimoy
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Spock is a character in the Star Trek franchise and one of the three central characters in the franchise's original incarnations. [3] Initially he serves as science officer and first officer (and subsequently as commanding officer) on the USS Enterprise. He later becomes an ambassador for the United Federation of Planets. He was first played by American actor Leonard Nimoy.

In 2999, Fry addressed Leonard Nimoy's head as "Spock". [1ACV01]

In 3000, Fry found "a Mr Spock collector's plate" on a giant ball of garbage. [1ACV08]

In 3002, a picture of Spock holding a can of Pepsi was used at the Oscars to represent Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation [4] as one of the nominees for "Best Soft-Drink Product Placement". [3ACV08]

In 3004, Leonard Nimoy's head and those of the other members of the original cast of Star Trek (except for James Doohan's) [5] reprised their roles by performing a fan script written by an energy being. [4ACV11]

In 3009, Bender detected life using a "Spock-a-scope" [6] during an environmental survey in his capacity as science officer. [ItWGY]

In 3010, URL said to a prisoner at Will Riker's Island "mama said Spock you out" after rendering him unconscious with the Vulcan nerve pinch — a martial technique used by Spock and his species. [6ACV04]

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  • The Vulcan salute — a hand gesture used by Spock and his species — appears in 1ACV01, 4ACV07, and 7ACV22.
    • In 4ACV07, Fry utters the phrase "live long and prosper", commonly associated with the salute.
  • Besides 6ACV04, the Vulcan nerve pinch is also used in 4ACV11, by Leonard Nimoy, who says "let's see if this actually works".
  • In the commentary for "The Series Has Landed", David X. Cohen says that if he were Mr Spock he really would not want someone from a different species operating on him and that so they decided that they would have a doctor who did not understand human anatomy operating on the characters of Futurama.
  • The relationship between Zapp Brannigan and Kif was inspired by the relationship between James T. Kirk — the captain of the Enterprise — and Spock. [7]
  • One of the original forms of 4ACV11 was going to involve a giant William Shatner — the actor who played Kirk opposite Leonard Nimoy — battling a giant Leonard Nimoy, like Godzilla and King Kong. [8] [9]
  • In what may be the very first written notes about Bender, dated 7 April 1997, David X. Cohen lists Spock as a possible basis for Bender, along with the later Star Trek character Data, [10] who is an android.

References to Star Trek plot points concerning Spock

Fry holding a Mr Spock collector's plate, on the giant ball of garbage, in the year 3000. [1ACV08]


A picture of Spock at the Oscars, in 3002. [3ACV08] Present are the soda-machine robot and Billy Crystal's head.

    Leonard Nimoy's head: Welcome, to the Head Museum. I'm Leonard Nimoy.
    Fry: Spock?!
    Hey... Hey... Do the thing!
    [Fry does the Vulcan salute. Nimoy chuckles.]
    Leonard Nimoy's head: I don't do that anymore. [12]

    Fry: Remember that episode where you got high on spores and smacked Kirk around?
    Leonard Nimoy's head: No. Perhaps you're thinking of my one-man show [13] about Vincent van Spock— Uh... Uh... I mean "van Gogh".

    Melllvar: Long have I waited for the one who played Spock.

    William Shatner: [as Kirk] Alas, my ship, whom I love like a woman, is... disabled.
    [He slumps back in his chair and rolls his head.] Oh, Lord.
    Leonard Nimoy: [as Spock] Fascinating, Captain... and logical, too... that we need some help.


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Notes and references

Bender using the Spock-a-scope, [6] on the Planet Express ship, in 3009. [ItWGY]
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