Dr. Ben Beeler

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Secondary character
Dr. Ben Beeler
Dr. Ben Beeler.jpg
Beeler (right) with a colleague, in 3003. [4ACV07]
Planet of originEarth
RelativesUnnamed wife
First appearance"Jurassic Bark" (4ACV07)
Voiced byDavid Herman
Not to be confused with Ken Keeler.
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Dr. Ben Beeler is a scientist holding a PhD, most likely in paleontology. He has shown an interest in fossilised dogs [4ACV07] and giant alien spiders. [4ACV16] He seems to work in a technology lab. [7ACV14]

In 3010, he queued up for the new eyePhone, [6ACV03] spoke about Homo farnsworth at the World Bone Premiere, [6ACV09] and participated in the Comic-Con Intergalactic costume contest, dressing as the Robot Devil. [6ACV11] In 3013, he helped Bender fulfill his folk-singing dreams with his 3D printer, [7ACV14] and later that same year he and his wife were rescued from a fire by Bender. [7ACV18]

Additional Info


  • Beeler's name is very similar to that of Futurama writer Ken Keeler, who, like Beeler, holds a PhD and can therefore be referred to as "Doctor". Keeler was originally called "Ben Beeler" by both his college roommate and his mother, and so the other writers named the character after him.[1]
    • Beeler's colleague actually bears a stronger resemblance to Keeler.


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