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Check the following sections for the information you need:

  • Glossary – A list of commonly used terms
  • The Basics – Basic information you should know
  • WikiCode – How to format text and other items using WikiCode
  • Editing – Slightly more advanced coverage of editing
  • Templates – A list of templates and the proper time to use them
  • Infoboxes – A list of infoboxes used in articles and an explanation of their use
  • House Rules – The rules... of the house
  • Standards – Quality standards
    • Image Guidelines – Standards for images
    • Notability – Information about our notability requirements, which are significantly less stringent than Wikipedia's
    • Relevance – Information about our relevancy requirements
  • Manual of Style – Further stylistic guidelines
  • Searching – Tips on searching more effectively
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Spoilers – The Infosphere's policy on spoilers

Alternately, you can look for answers to your own questions on MediaWiki's Official Help Wiki.

Don't Fret!

If you're ever unsure about how to format something, don't sweat it! Try to emulate the existing styles, but if you're not certain, just use your best judgement. If you make a mistake, someone else can correct it later. If you don't know a piece of information, you can omit it and someone else will fill it in. In these cases, you might want to make a brief comment about it in the edit summary. Every time you edit a page you can attach a summary line explaining what you did. You do so by simply typing into the "Summary" box, located just below the main edit box on every editing page. As long as you're trying to be correct and helpful, hack away! Even if you mess it up badly, fixing a poor or incomplete article will take a lot less time than starting one from scratch. The more contributors we have, the faster we can make progress on this herculean undertaking!