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These are the guidelines for uploading images to the Infosphere.



When dealing with screencaps, it is important that you get the character, item or whatever you are aiming to get clear in the picture. Is this not possible, for any reason, it can be handle with an image text, which is supplied by several infoboxes (as |image text=text).

Sometimes, it is necessary to crop for certain reasons, but mostly this is discouraged, because an image text could easily fulfil the cropping need. And we prefer the images in the same resolution they were taken in.


When naming your image, be specific and be readable. For instance, if you were to upload an image from a trailer or animatic, from an episode, don't upload it as "<EpisodeName> 1.<filetype>", but rather "Anamatic screenshot of <Episode Name> with <brief description of what goes on in the image, e.g. just naming the characters>.<filetype>". This is more specific and more easy to understand. In addition, avoid CamelCase writing, but use spaces between your words.

If uploading a character image, the image can just be the person's name (e.g. "Philip J. Fry.png"), but in case there could be some ambiguity, use brackets (e.g. "Philip J. Fry (Earth).png").

For the filetype, use lowercase, seeing .PNG or .JPG is always ugly, remember, just because your image is stored as one thing locally, doesn't it mean it has to be the same thing here. Remember the rename option when uploading.

Technical specs

When uploading images to the Infosphere, we expect some form of quality to the image. In general, the images should be of high quality, the quality they we were broadcast in. Here is a list for easier guidance (remember, the resolutions and media are listed in order of preference):

Episodes (Season 1-4)
Resolution: 480i.
Media: DVD, TV
Episodes (Season 5-)
Resolution: 1080p, 720p
Media: TV (DVD is preferred when they become available, but the film DVDs should do fine for now)
Resolution: 1080p, 720p, 480i
Media: Blu-Ray, DVD (note: The two first films are not available in Blu-Ray yet)
Comic scans
Pixel to centimetre resolution: <to be filled>
Media: Original scans
Video game
Resolution: 480i
Media: Direct obtaining, screencap

File formats

Generally, the PNG format is preferred, as it is more powerful and saves more quality. JPEG is also acceptable as an alternative option. However, formats like GIF and BMP are not accepted for screencaps. GIF should only be used for animations. In addition, SVG is preferred for logos, flags, etc.


When updating an image, either because of quality, or a better screencap has been found, it is often possible just to upload over the existing image with the "upload new version" option. However, if an image changes file type, e.g. JPEG to PNG, a new image must be uploaded, and not just a new version. It is preferred that you check what links there (the old image), convert all the places, and then throw the {{deleteimg}} template onto this image (using the edit link).