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The Infosphere has several standards that we ask users to adhere to.


There are several different types of images used on the Infosphere. The most common type are screenshots taken from Episodes. Standard sizes for these are as follows:

  • Region 1
    • Earlier seasons (with dark left/right borders): 706x540 pixels
    • Later seasons (clean edges): 720x540px
  • Region 2
    • 768x576px

Do not crop the image to frame the subject. Full screenshots are always preferred. If you can't get the subject alone in frame, try to get them so they are central.

Screenshots are to be taken from digital formats only. Screenshots that are uploaded with "Fox" or "Cartoon Network" watermarks in the corner will be immediately removed unless the associated DVD or Blu-ray has yet to be released.

Non-screenshot images (i.e., DVD's, Comic books, Voice Actors) should be as high-quality as possible. Preferred formats are JPG for photos and screenshots, and PNG for smaller images.

Please make sure that when you upload an image, you give it a title that describes what is depicted. I.E., do not upload an image called "pic1.jpg".

Personal Images

Each user is allowed three personal images: Two larger images, roughly the dimensions of standard screenshots; one 16x16 image to be used in your signature. It is recommended (but not required) that you give the images a name like "[yourusername]1" and "[yourusername]2" so you can update images easily, without having to ask someone to delete the old ones.


Anyone who's tried searching on Wikipedia understands how obnoxious it is when the top ten results are redirects. Thus, use of redirects should be kept to a minimum, and should be avoided for common names (I.E., Redirecting "Fry" to "Philip J. Fry").


Articles on the Infosphere should be as comprehensive as possible, without being a word-for-word transcript of episodes or comics. Please use the templates that are available for the more common types of articles. This will ensure consistency throughout the Infosphere.