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Templates are a handy way to ensure consistency throughout the Infosphere, and helps editors make sure they haven't missed a standard section.

For convenience, we have created a set of templates for use getting a quick start on standard types of pages. These templates will give you a frame to build the page around; simply read the comments and follow their instructions to populate the page. Whenever you see a red link, you can create the article it links to. Just insert the appropriate template, then save the page. If you don't save it, the template won't be inserted. (All Templates include a Working notice, to keep others from editing the page while you're working on it.) After the template has been added, edit the page again, and fill in the appropriate information. Although the templates attempt to be complete, you may add appropriate sections if more information is required (see Bender's page for an example).

Most Article templates include a placeholder image. If there is an image available, you should change the image name to the appropriate file. If, however, there isn't one available, do not remove the placeholder. The placeholder image is important for members who upload screenshots: It allows them to see what pages need screenshots easily (see AwaitingScreenie.jpg—scroll down to the bottom for a list of pages that are awaiting a screenshot).

Available Templates

Character Article

There are many characters within the Futurama world. This template includes all the basic information that a character article should have, including species, planet of origin, and a biography.

To use this template, type {{subst:CharacterArticleTemplate}} and hit preview to make sure you've done it correctly. You'll notice that the edit box still contains the simple text you just entered. Save the article, then hit edit again. You'll see that the text has been replaced with the text of the template, complete with commented instructions and tips.

Full Template List

For this kind of article, type in this template and save  
Character {{subst:CharacterArticleTemplate}}  
Episode {{subst:EpisodeArticleTemplate}}  
Commentary {{subst:CommentaryArticleTemplate}}  
Comic {{subst:ComicArticleTemplate}}  
Place {{subst:PlaceArticleTemplate}} 
Planet {{subst:PlanetArticleTemplate}}
Organization {{subst:OrganizationArticleTemplate}}  
Alien Species {{subst:AlienSpeciesArticleTemplate}}  
Crew {{subst:CrewArticleTemplate}} 
Product {{subst:ProductArticleTemplate}}
Misc (ships, technologies, etc) {{subst:MiscArticleTemplate}}