Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate

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Secondary character
Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate
Ethan Bubblegum Tate.png
Bubblegum during the Battle for Earth, in 3007. [BBS]
Planet of originGlobetrotter Homeworld
First appearance"Time Keeps on Slippin'" (3ACV14)
Voiced byPhil LaMarr

Ethan Tate (also known as Bubblegum) is a male Human from the Globetrotter Homeworld. In addition to being Captain of the Globetrotters' basketball team, [3ACV14] he is Senior Lecturer in Physics at Globetrotter University, [3ACV14] the Downtown Professor of Applied Physics at Mars University, [6ACV08] and the author of the The Mathketball Diaries. [6ACV13]


Along with his team, Bubblegum joined forces with Professor Farnsworth and the Planet Express crew on numerous occasions. The Globetrotters helped the Professor figure out how to stop time skips [3ACV14] and better understand the time travel pradoxicality equation, [BBS] having fought for Earth in the battle with the Scammer Aliens, [BBS] solved a math problem that would allow him and his employees to return to their original bodies, [6ACV10] and helped Amy restart the Earth's rotation after the Thubanians had stopped it. [6ACV08]

Additionally, Ethan Tate was a judge on the TV show Iron Cook, [3ACV22] witnessed the robbing of the Quantum Gemerald from the Museum of Natural History by the New Justice Team, [4ACV04] went out on a date with Yivo, a planet-sized alien, [TBwaBB] attended the implosion of the violet dwarf star ceremony, [ItWGY] as well as the 100th Delivery Party, [6ACV12] and celebrated a non-canonical Kwanzaa 3010 with the Conrad family in their apartment. [6ACV13]

Additional Info


  • Bubblegum is, like the other Globetrotters on the show, not named after one of the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • Despite having made the remainder of the PE crew members honorary Globetrotters, he refused to let Bender in the team.
  • In the commentary of Bender's Big Score, Phil LaMarr revealed he almost forgot how to do the Bubblegum voice when production resumed.


Among Yivo's 64 dates [TBwaBB] (third picture on the fifth line).

    Bubblegum: Even in these formal shorts I feel like a failure.

    The Professor: You're that Bubblegum Tate?
    Bubblegum: Well, I sure ain't his Grandma.

    Bubblegum: Uh-oh. Time to boogie on down to the sauna!

    Bubblegum: Hello, lawsuit.

    Bubblegum: Most uncool.

    Bubblegum: You better bird-dog fast, my brother!
    Hermes: That's the way I bird-dog best!

    Bubblegum: You gotta tell that sweet thing that your time duplicate body is doomed!
    Hermes: Tomorrow morning... after the festivities!
    Bubblegum: [Spins basketball on finger.] Yow, Baby!

    Bubblegum: [seriously] Gentlemen... [provocatively] ladies... [seriously] let's get this globe trottin'!