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Nudar and his doomed duplicate.

A time-paradox duplicate is a possible result of backwards time travel that can occur when an entity uses the time code more than once before returning to the present. However, the time code self-corrects paradoxes by infusing all duplicates with doom radiation, dooming all duplicates.

Mechanics of the Paradox and Self-Correction

1. An entity uses the time code to travel to the past.

2. Once in the past, the entity uses the time code a second time.

3. The entity, upon encountering the version of itself from step 2, takes some step to prevent the time travel that occurred in step 2.

The paradox is thus that the second instance of time travel has been inadvertently removed from the timeline.

Known Duplicates

All of these have met their doom.

  • Lars Fillmore (Fry) - After Fry traveled to the year 2000, he traveled back in time one hour in order to get free pizza. The duplicate was killed after throwing himself onto Bender's duplicate, which then exploded.
  • Nudar - created when Nudar travels back in time to the day before as a test of the time code. He was killed after getting crushed by The Professor's Smell-O-Scope.
  • Hermes' body - created when Bender goes back in time and gets Hermes' decapitated body. It was lost after getting crushed by a crystal chandellier.
  • Bender - Bender intentionally created a duplicate of himself so someone could keep watch for Fry while he went to the bathroom. The duplicate was killed after his Auto Destruct Sequence was triggered by a conflict in his programming.
  • Hundreds of other Benders - created via him going back in time over and over to steal stuff for Nudar, and when he went back in time to tattoo Fry. They all exploded when "Bender from way at the end" asked them to stick around. This also caused a fractal edge rip in the universe, the Anomaly, which is a gateway to Yivo's universe.

Additional info

Although it was argued that time-paradox duplicates of Fry, Bender and the Professor were created from the Forward time machine, and subsequently killed by being crushed by the original versions when the machine appears directly above them after time travelling, these were in fact not time-travel duplicates, as they were the original Fry, Bender, and the Professor, simply originating from the universe two universes after the one the "originals" came from. No paradox was created, since they were from a different universe; it was merely very convenient that the "originals" were able to take their counterparts' places in the new universe. Moreover, the doom field and the time code were not involved in this incident at all.