Conrad family

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Conrad family
LocationConrad apartment
Organisation typeFamily
First appearance"The Route of All Evil" (3ACV12)

The Conrads are a Jamaican American family which consists of three members: LaBarbara, Hermes, and Dwight. They live in an apartment in New New York. [3ACV12]


Hermes and LaBarbara got married around 2980, as LaBarbara divorced from Barbados Slim, Hermes' limbo rival. [3ACV12] At some point in the early 2990s, Hermes seemed to live alone in Tijuana, while working as Inspector#5 in Mom's factory. It is unknown where LaBarbara lived. In 2989, their son, Dwight, is born. The family was later separated for a short period of time when Hermes became a head in a jar and LaBarbara got back together with Barbados, after which Dwight even took Slim as his last name. [BBS] They were only reunited when Hermes got his body back. The Conrads also seem to celebrate Kwanzaa. [6ACV13]

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Hermes is a primary character in the series, so he appears in almost every episode, comic, and film. This list only deals with appearances of the whole family.