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Suspect nabbed in Santa case!
First woman Blernsball player
Long live Pharaoh Bender!



  • August 11th
    • Bender is transformed into a human using "reverse fossilization".
    • Bender wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
    • Richard Nixon's head signs a peace accord with the ambassador Kong of the planet Nintendu 64. Things go wrong with the peace agreement when Kong throws a barrel at Richard Nixon's head and abandons the peace signing.
    • Fry, Leela, Bender and Zoidberg rendezvous with General Colin Pac-Man. General Pac-Man leads them through a pac man-like maze. They exit through a Mario tube outside Planet Express headquarters. They find out there is another force threatening Earth.
    • Lrrr, of the planet Nintenduu 64 has decided to invade Earth with his "3 different kinds of ships." Fry starts to battle the Space Invaders. During the battle, General Pac-Man is fatally wounded.
    • Fry eventually loses after realizing he could never get the last ship. The last Space Invader ship lands on Earth and their demand is simple: quarters, a million allowances' worth of quarters. The Planet Express crew refuse to accept their offer, but reach a compromise by allowing the space invaders to toss their laundry in with the Planet Express crew's.
    • Leela, Fry, Bender and Zoidberg meet the Professor at the Emerald Building and he gives a gun to Zoidberg and money to Bender.
    • Leela becomes a witch, but then she melts into pudle because a flume of water landed on her.