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Tertiary character
SpeciesSewer mutant
RelativesBender (original adoptive father),
Abner Doubledeal (current adoptive father)
First appearance"The Cyber House Rules" (3ACV09)
Voiced byNicole St. John

Sally is an orphan at Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium with an extra ear on her forehead, for which the other orphans tease her cruelly, calling her "Ear-face", much as Turanga Leela was teased by her fellow orphans for her single eye. In addition to the extra ear, she also claims to have a tail. These defects suggest that Sally may be, like Leela, a sewer mutant left at the Orphanarium's doorstep.

When Leela and Adlai Atkins consider adopting one of the orphans, Leela, sympathizing with her outcast status, chooses Sally. The pathologically "normal" Adlai objects, but offers to surgically remove the extra ear to make her acceptable. Leela insists that Sally is acceptable as she is. Offended and no longer in thrall to Adlai, Leela demands that he reverse her plastic surgery, making her a perfectly acceptable Cyclops again. Adlai initially refuses, but Leela talks him into it.

In "Yo Leela Leela", Leela inspires her to become a writer following the success of Rumbledy-hump, originally thought to be Leela's original creation born from stories she told Sally and the other Cookieville orphans during her visits. While initially disappointed upon learning otherwise, she gets over it following her and the other orphans' adoption by Abner Doubledeal, and their move to the planet inhabited by the Rumbledy-hump characters.

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