New New York Historical Society

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New New York Historical Society
New New York Historical Society.jpg
The NNY Historical Society building.
LocationManhattan, NNY, Earth
Organisation typeEarthican Historical Society
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12)

The New New York Historical Society is an Earthican organization based in Manhattan, NNY. It is dedicated to the preservation of the city's history and hosts many cultural events such as the Annual Astor Endowment Fundraiser, which in 3010 supported the United Mutant Scholarship Fund. They seem to have some kind of policy that doesn't allow poor people in the NNY Historical Society building, as service will not be provided to the ones not wearing top hats and monocles.

Annual Astor Endowment Fundraiser of 3010

In September of 3010, Mrs. Astor invited the Planet Express crew to her fundraiser, which was meant to help the Sewer Mutants and keep them busy from protesting for equal rights. All the best families were there. The powerful lady showed two short films in the course of the event: one about the Land Titanic and how Mr. Astor had supposedly perished and other about those hideous creatures so in need of charity. After both videos had been shown, Fry accidentally spilled that Leela was a Mutant, and so Mrs. Astor called NNYPD officers Smitty and URL to have her permanently deported into the NNY Sewers. This ultimately led to the Devolution Revolution that finally granted the Mutants their freedom.


The following people were seen in the Astor Endowment Fundraiser of 3010 with the adjacent qualifications.

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