Land Titanic

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RMS Land Titanic
Land Titanic.png
TypeLand Royal Mail Ship
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting"
Current statusDestroyed, lying in the NNY Sewers

The RMS Land Titanic was the largest, onliest streetgoing vessel ever built.


The remains of the Land Titanic in September 3010.

Its maiden voyage started on 10 April, 2912, but was disrupted only four days later, when one wheel struck a mailbox. The ship sank into the NNY Sewers, and two thousand souls lost their lives.

Its wreck was discovered by Philip J. Fry, Amy Wong, Dr. Zoidberg and Professor Farnsworth in the sewers almost a hundred years after it sank, in September 3010. At least one of its passengers, Mr. Astor had by then been turned into a mutant by the sewer water. Sooner or later, it is found that Mr. Astor survived when he honored his seat in a lifecar.

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  • The date, 2912, is exactly a thousand years later than the original Titanic.
  • With the exception of the name, the ship more resembles the third Olympic-class ship; the Britannic.
  • There is another parody of the Titanic (called just the Titanic) in "A Flight to Remember".
  • The staircase the crew is seen on right after entering the Land Titanic is based on the actual Grand Staircase of the RMS Titanic.