New New York Police Department

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New New York Police Department
LocationNew New York, Earth
Organisation typePolice department
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

The New New York Police Department is the police department of the city of New New York, whose main goal is to protect people and to keep peace. The two main officers are Smitty and URL who are often seen together. Colleen was the chief of police during a brief time in 3008, before she decided to stay in Yivo's universe and the only pathway was sealed. Their main weapon is a solid lightsaber.

The Department has also been featured in the documentary television series Cop Department that follows police officers.

Known officers

Additional Info


Precinct 18
  • The guns they use somewhat resemble the magnum (or M6) in Halo (series)
  • They use batons resembling Lightsabers as nightsticks.
  • Smitty and URL's patrol car number is 718 which, as well as being the area code for four of NNYC's five boroughs, is an an anagram of 187, the LA murder code.
  • Precinct 18, featured in "Law and Oracle", appears to be a retconned design for the station. It features similar structural features to the other appearance, and maintains the same shape footpath and road outside.


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