Mom-Farnsworth conflict

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The conflict between Mom and Professor Farnsworth is a recurring theme on Futurama.


The 2007 calendar page based on the episode "Mother's Day"

Though they were a couple, the Professor and Mom acted with hate sometimes when he worked at MomCorp. He invented different types of Robots and she pressured him to create bigger sportier robots, by hitting his head on her desk. But their conflict began when Farnsworth came to Mom with a new invention: Q. T. McWhiskers, a cute cat shaped children's toy and Mom wanted to make it 8 feet tall and replace the rainbows it threw with neutron lasers, which angered Farnsworth so he dumped her.

Robot Uprising, 3001

Since that they didn't see for a long time, until the Robot Uprising, 3001 when Farnsworth had to seduce Mom to get the controller of the robots. When he wanted to enter Mom's cabin, she didn't let him enter, but he managed to go in and they started to talk. When Farnsworth remembered what made him dump her, they started to yell at each other, however they ended up kissing.

Conflict between companies

They still hate, and even more with their companies, Planet Express and MomCorp competing. In "Future Stock" MomCorp almost keeps all the Planet Express stock and in the game Farnsworth sells Planet Express to Mom and its crew fights MomCorp crew to save the company. When Farnsworth sees his crew splatted by Destructor, he hits Mom and broke her hip.

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