Sparky (Reincarnation)

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Tertiary character
Colorama character
Sparky (Reincarnation).png
Sparky in the Planet Express headquarters in September 3011 (6ACV26).Disputed canon
ProfessionHorn loudspeaker
First appearance"Reincarnation" (6ACV26)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche
This article is about the character from "Reincarnation". For the character from "Möbius Dick", see Sparky (Möbius Dick).

Sparky is a horn loudspeaker who eats fish and Human flesh. He told the Planet Express crew in the Planet Express headquarters in September 3011 to report to the Planet Express laboratorium (6ACV26).Disputed canon

Additional Info


    [Sparky honks.]
    Sparky: All crew, report to the laboratorium. Get a wiggle on.
    Fry: Thanks for the heads-up, Sparky.
    [Fry throws a fish into Sparky's mouth. Sparky swallows the fish.]
    Sparky: Mhm. Fish on Friday. An' Human flesh the rest of the week.