Invader X

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
Character in Delivery-Boy Man
Invader X
Invader X.jpg
Invader X kidnapped Leelis Lane.
SpeciesAlien Reptile
First appearance"Delivery-Boy Man" (US#S03)
Voiced byBilly West

Invader X was a fictional supervillain. He was created by Philip J. Fry to be the main villain of a superhero comic. It is unknown whether or not he had superpowers, but he did have a death ray gun. Invader X destroyed Erth and abducted Leelis Lane in Fry's fantasy. His nemesis, Delivery-Boy Man, killed him by telepathically making a meteorite fall over him.

Additional Info


  • In the comic, he is voiced by Fry.


    Invader X: Stop it, you hero!