Horrible Gelatinous Blob

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Secondary character
Horrible Gelatinous Blob
Planet of originProbably Earth
or Venus
RelativesSee Family section
First appearance"The Series Has Landed" (1ACV02)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Horrible Gelatinous Blob is a good-natured male alien, when he is not upset about something, such as problems at work or a sad movie. Then, he is prone to violence at the slightest provocation. This usually ends with him swallowing the offending party. He and his family live on the rings of an unidentified planet which might be Venus, so it is possible he is a Venusian. Horrible Gelatinous Blob is also known as H. G. Blob.


He is known to have worked for an ad agency, as he apeared in a commercial for Planet Express (1ACV02). However, it is unlikely that he met anyone at the company directly, as he doesn't seem to recognize Hermes Conrad or Professor Farnsworth before, during, or after beating them to a pulp, an act caused by a lot of stress down at the plant he was working in, which introduced computers in 3002 (3ACV12). He has also worked as a stockbroker (3ACV21). Later, the bad influence of Bender to his son made him become one of the FART (4ACV06).

In 3010, Horrible Gelatinous Blob was said to be in an "interplanetary marriage" with a human female when Bender and Amy were fighting for the passing of Proposition ∞ (6ACV04). It is possible he was actually cheating on his wife, but there is no confirmation, as it might have just been a wrong guess. H. G. Blob also fried a hobo during the Heating of the Western Hemisphere (6ACV08), and attended the 100th Delivery Party, being the first guest to have entered the Planet Express headquarters (6ACV12).

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  • His name was spelt Mr. H. G. Blob in the package the man who is not Evans gave him (1ACV02). These initials may be a reference to science fiction author H. G. Wells.
  • His voice is very similar to the voices of Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8, and Morbo, co-host on Channel √2 News. All three characters are voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who has stated that they actually sound pretty different.
  • In The Beast with a Billion Backs, he describes Yivo as being "horrible". This is ironic, as he is a horrible creature himself and his first name is also "horrible".