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Dandy Jim and Gus
LocationBumbase Alpha
First appearance"The 30% Iron Chef" (3ACV22)

Hobos are a group of people notable for being unemployed and unable or unwilling to find jobs. They live in slums or wander the streets and tend to congregate at Bumbase Alpha. Hobos tend to get around by hopping onto passing trains, which is probably why Bumbase Alpha is located so close to a railway switching station, giving the hobos access to transportation almost anywhere they desire. Most hobos are humans but there are also robot hobos called "robos". Helmut Spargle lived among them and baked pies for them until his death.

The two most notable hobos on Futurama are Gus and his friend, Dandy Jim. They are nearly always seen together, and have been spotted on several planets.

The hobos at Bumbase Alpha, including Bender, Gus and Dandy on the right

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