Yivo's religion

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Yivo's religion
Tentacle Pope Philip J. Fry and Yivo.
Organisation typeReligion
First appearanceThe Beast with a Billion Backs
Current statusInactive, likely disbanded after the Robot Invasion of Heaven

After time and space was ripped open at the end of Bender's Big Score, a lonely Philip J. Fry journeyed through the anomaly to find Yivo, a giant, planet-sized alien. The entity attached one of its tentacles to Fry's neck and reached into Universe Gamma. Shklee, as it preferred, started taking control of other people by attaching tentacles to people's necks. The controlled people fell in love with that strange being and started Yivo's religion, which was based on worshiping shkler. Because Fry was the first controlled, he was made the Tentacle Pope of the new movement. The entity only revealed its name after all the universe's inhabitants were thought to be controlled.

However, Turanga Leela, the last person in the universe without a tentacle revealed to Yivo's followers that her tentacle was actually a purple hose and she wasn't being controlled. She held up a amputated tentacle she had earlier inspected under a microscope and revealed that the tentacles were really gentacles. Yivo was actually mating with every life form in Universe Gamma.

Additional Info


  • Yivo seemingly took all life forms into the religion, including non-sentient animals such as birds.


    Yivo: For a trillion years I dwelled in solitude, contempt with my job and stamp collecting.

    Leela: People of everywhere, I have shocking news!
    Yivo: Hey, butt out! This is between me and everyone else in existence!
    Leela: Yivo talks a lot about love, but what he's actually doing-
    Hermes: What shklee's actually doing.
    Leela: -is mating with you! [The congregation begins murmuring. Leela pulls out and holds up the sample she examined.] These aren't tentacles. They're gentacles!
    Fry: Eww!