Robot Invasion of Heaven

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Robot Invasion of Heaven
Robot Invasion of Heaven.jpg
LocationYivo's body
ResultUniverse A/Gamma's expelling from Heaven, battle ended without victory to either side
AppearanceThe Beast with a Billion Backs
Side ASide B
Army of the DamnedYivo
Pirate ship
Various weapons lined with electromatter
Several robotsSeveral tentacles

The Robot Invasion of Heaven occurred shortly after the inhabitants of Earth evacuated the planet to live on the creature Yivo's body, which was extremely similar to Heaven, leaving control of Earth to the robots. Bender, head of the League of Robots, received a letter made out of electromatter from his human friends. Since electromatter was the only substance that could harm Yivo, whose body was also made of electromatter, Bender decided to bring Earth's population back. With his Army of the Damned and lining their weapons with the electromatter, Bender organized a pirate-themed invasion in honour of his friend Fry. They dragged Yivo from shklis own universe into their own, where they attacked shklim. Eventually, for personal reasons, Yivo abruptly sent Earth's population aboard the robots' vessel and sent them off as shklee retreated to shkler own universe with only Colleen as everyone else of Universe A/Gamma returned home.

Additional Info


  • The battle is based on the fight against the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
  • It is also based on the foretellings of many branches of Christianity. A battle between Heaven and Hell is said to take place at some point in the future. The robots represent Hell and Yivo represents Heaven.