Miss Universe Pageant 3001

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Miss Universe Pageant 3001
Miss Universe Leela.jpg
Presumed winner Leela
Held whereTova 9
Contents of eventMiss Universe is chosen
First appearance"The Lesser of Two Evils" (2ACV06)
Where it was held

The Miss Universe Pageant 3001 was the only known Miss Universe pageant in Futurama, and was won by Miss Vega 4, Gladys Lennox. She won a bouquet of flowers and the atomic tiara. It was held in 3001 on an unknown date, but it is known that it was held a day before Miss Parallel Universe pageant. An unknown amount of people were competing, though it was known that 10 were in the finals. Bob Barker's head was host.

Additional Info

The 10 Finalists

Lyrics to Miss Universe

Zapp Brannigan sang a short song when Miss Vega 4 won the pageant:

Zapp: There it is, Miss Universe.
There it is, looking weird.