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"Fishy" Joseph Gilman to 20th Television
20th century to 4acv05
4acv06 to Altairean Bouquet Tree
Altairean bouquet tree to Bernilla
Bernilla's fiancé to Channel √2 News
Chanukah to Date scene
Dave to Encyclopod
Encyclopods to Fulcrum county Prism
Full Metal Racket to Hamilton Beach Mammal Mulcher
Handheld laser cannon to James K. Polk's head
James Lloyd to List of alien language sightings
List of alien species to Monique (acting unit)
Monkey to Oil-Ade
Oil-ade to Private Carroll
Probulator to Rusty
Ruth to Sheldon and Gwen
Sheriff Burley to TCA Awards
TGI Fried to The time sphere
The universe to Volume Two
Volume four to Πkea Robot