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"Fishy" Joseph Gilman to 20th century
20th century fox to 4acv11
4acv12 to Amazon Woman in the Mood
Amazon Women in the Mood to Big Ben
Big Bertha to Checkers' head
Checkers's head to Dean vernon
Death Clock to Erwin Schrodinger
Erwin Schrödinger to Futurama Comics 57
Futurama Comics 58 to Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger's Head to Jolly Junction
Jonathan Frakes to LöBrau Beer
M.E.A.T. to Mushroom dog
Mushu to Parallel Universe Box
Parallel Universes to Record-Your-Own-Message Card
Record-your-own-message card to S05E03
S05E04 to Space Boy in Outer Space
Space Catholicism to The Fellowship
The Finder Outer to True Stories of Courageous Animals
Tube System to Wong family
Wong hotel & casino to Πkea Robot