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"Fishy" Joseph Gilman to 20th Television
20th century to 4acv06
4acv07 to Alternate Universes
Alternate universe to Beta Crypt 3
Beta Romeo to Chapek 9
Chapek 9 v. Fry and Leela to Dave Herman
Dave Spiegel to Energy being
England to Fun on the bun
Funkalistic to Harlem globetrotters
Harold Zoid to Jar fluid
Jar liquid to List of primary characters
List of products to Monsanto corporation
Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection to Old lady
Old man to Products
Products in the Futurama World to S01E06
S01E07 to Shrimpkins
Shubot Theater to Taco Bellevue Doctor
Taco Bellevue Hospital to Third Omicronian invasion of Earth
Third World of the Antares System to Walking on Sunshine
Wall Footpath Journal to Πkea Robot