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"Fishy" Joseph Gilman to 20th Television
20th century to 4acv11
4acv12 to Amazon Woman in the Mood
Amazon Women in the Mood to Big Brain
Big Caboose to Cherry Hill Skymall
Chester A. Arthur to Death clock
Death fortress to Ethan
Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate to Futurama Comics 62
Futurama Comics 63 to Hermaphrobot
Hermaphrodite to Joss Whedon
Jrrr to MM
Macaulay Caulcon to My manwich!
Myrtle Fu to Parts Hilton
Party Board to Remote-controlled solid gold death star
Rent-A-Wreck Video to S05e05
S05e06 to Space boy in outer space
Space pilot 3000 to The Great Wizard Greyfarn
The Green Monster to Twentieth Century Fox Television
Twentieth Television to X-mas
X1 to Πkea Robot