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"Fishy" Joseph Gilman to 20th Television
20th century to 4acv11
4acv12 to Amazon Woman in the Mood
Amazon Women in the Mood to Big Bertha
Big Boy Karate to Checkers's head
Chee to Death Clock
Death Factory III: The Legend of Death Factory II to Erwin Schrödinger
Estelle Harris to Futurama Comics 58
Futurama Comics 59 to Henry Kissinger's head
Henson to Jonathan frakes
Jor-El to M5438
MAFMVAFV to Mutant atomic supermen
Mutant nurse to Parasites Lost
Parasites Lost (transcript) to Reginald Hopelessness
Reincarnation to S05E10
S05E11 to Space Paparazzi
Space Paparazzi Ships to The Fountain of Aging
The Fry and the Furious! to Turanga-Fillmore wedding
Turanga Leela to World War II
World of World War II 3 to Πkea Robot