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"Fishy" Joseph Gilman to 20th century
20th century fox to 4acv10
4acv11 to Amazon Adventure
Amazon Woman in the Mood to Bible Fruit
Biff to Charles de Gaulle's head
Charles de Gualle's Head to David Souter
David Souter's head to Episode Listing (broadcast order)
Episode Transcript Listing to Futurama 12 Days of Xmas Countdown
Futurama Adventures to Headquarters
Heads in jars to Joan Rivers' head
Joe to Lords of Flatbush
Los Angeles to Mount Shushmore
Mountain Goo to Orbiting Meadows
Orbiting meadows to Quantum Gemerald
Quantum Interface Bomb to S02e15
S02e16 to Slurm vending machine
Slurm worms to The 3001 robot uprising
The A-Team to Time shelter
Time sphere to Were-Car
Were-car to Πkea Robot