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"Fishy" Joseph Gilman to 20th Television
20th century to 4acv04
4acv05 to
Altairean Bouquet Tree to Benny
Bermuda Tetrahedron to Channel 4√4
Channel Root 2 to Dark wizard
Darlene to Emotitron Jr.
Emotitron Jr.'s mother to Fry and Leela's Big Fing
Fry and Leela's Big Fling to Hacking jack
Hacking jack's fine smokables to It came from planet earth
Italian to Lightspeed Briefs
Lightspeed briefs to Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil
Mom's old-fashioned robot oil to Nudist Barkeeper
Num to Prairie elephant
Prairie elephants to Rosie the Robot Maid
Roswell Air Base to Setting
Seven-leaf clover to Susie Dietter
Susie Geiser to The funkalistics
The game to Vice presidential action rangers
Victor to Υεαρ (ην θε παγε