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Secondary character
Petunia operating her self-service bee farm (6ACV13).Disputed canon
Planet of originEarth, USA, New Jersey, Nutley
First appearance"Put Your Head on My Shoulders"
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Petunia is a female Human from Nutley who smokes a lot. She is apparently a prostitute, although she was seen operating a self-service bee farm, which she seems to own, during Kwanzaa 3010 (6ACV13).Disputed canon


Petunia went on a date with Fry when Bender's dating service set them up (2ACV07). However, she was more interested in Sal, even though he was on a date with Leela, also thanks to Bender. She was later offered 5 dollars by Sal in exchange of sexual favours, but nothing happened (6ACV02). Petunia also led Santa into a trap on Xmas (3ACV03), attended the 1074th Academy Awards with Zapp (3ACV08) and Fry's non-canonical funeral with some of his former lovers (4ACV12), saw the Bigfoot monster truck crushing cars at the county fair (4ACV17), joined the ecolo group Feministas (ITWGY), and was a victim of the Devolution Revolution (6ACV12). She was briefly genderless and a man (6ACV20).

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    Petunia: I saw Bigfoot crushing cars at the county fair.
    Ranger Park: What you saw was Bigfoot, the monster truck.

    Petunia: This place makes Nutley look like crap!

    Professor Farnsworth: The end is near! Repent thy sins!
    Sal: [He gives Petunia money.] I'll thinks it overs while I engages this five-dollar hooker.
    Fry: [He takes the bullhorn from Farnsworth.] Don't do it! It's not worth it!
    Petunia: Okay, make it three dollars.
    Sal: Yuck! I don't wants no three-dollar hooker. I'm goin' backs to the adults bookstore.

    Hermes: Finally! A bee farm that's open late on Kwanzaa. Madam, I need beeswax.
    Petunia: Are you sure you don't need a little honey, handsome? Maybe a taste of sweet nectar straight from the hive? [Hermes and the others all feel disgusted.]
    Hermes: I just need some beeswax to make Kwanzaa candles.
    Petunia: Well, that's too darn bad. There ain't no beeswax in the whole world.
    Amy: Oh, no! This could be the year without a Kwanzaa, like every year before 1966.
    Petunia: The bees are acting all crazy, like they been drinking Tang and cough syrup, or, as I call it, my Friday night. [She laughs and coughs from the smoke.]