Petunia's Self-Serve Bee Farm

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Petunia's Self-Serve Bee Farm
Petunia's Self-Serve Bee Farm.png
LocationNew New York, Earth
Organisation typeBee Farm
First appearance"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" (6ACV13)
Current statusOpen

Petunia's Self-Serve Bee Farm, owned by Petunia herself, is one of the few bee farms open late on Kwanzaa. Hermes, accompanied by the rest of the Planet Express crew, visited it on the last night of Kwanzaa 3010 while looking for beeswax to make Kwanzaa candles, as Kwanzaa-bot and LaBarbara had told him to (6ACV13). However, Petunia's Self-Serve Bee Farm, as well as the other farms on Earth, had none, since the bees were getting killed by bee parasites.

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    Hermes: Finally! A bee farm that's open late on Kwanzaa. Madam, I need beeswax.
    Petunia: Are you sure you don't need a little honey, handsome? Maybe a taste of sweet nectar straight from the hive? [Hermes and the others all feel disgusted.]
    Hermes: I just need some beeswax to make Kwanzaa candles.
    Petunia: Well, that's too darn bad. There ain't no beeswax in the whole world.
    Amy: Oh, no! This could be the year without a Kwanzaa, like every year before 1966.
    Petunia: The bees are acting all crazy, like they been drinking Tang and cough syrup, or, as I call it, my Friday night. [She laughs and coughs from the smoke.]