Colleen O'Hallahan

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Secondary character
Colleen O'Hallahan
Planet of originProbably Earth
ProfessionFormer Chief of Police
First appearanceThe Beast with a Billion Backs
Voiced byBrittany Murphy

Colleen O'Hallahan is a former peace officer and, for a brief period in 3008, Chief of the New New York Police Department. As a peace officer, Colleen was not above police brutality, as was demonstrated when she beat Professor Farnsworth and Dr. Wernstrom with a lightsaber alongside Smitty and URL. Fry met Colleen while they both were staring at the Anomaly on the Times Square Jumbotron. Colleen was non-monogamous, which is to say she had multiple boyfriends at once. When Fry met her, she had five, including Fry himself, Chu, Ndulu, Schlomo and Bolt Rolands. However, although Fry was happy with this arrangement at first he broke up with her after she tried to leave to date an unknown sixth person on the same night he moved in with her. He returned after his attachment to Yivo (who had been spreading shklis love across the Universe), as he could now sympathize with her morals. Colleen eventually fell in love solely with Yivo and left Fry to live with shkler when shklee broke up with the Universe, and her position as Chief of Police was taken over by Chief O'Mannahan.


Brittany Murphy, who played Colleen, passed away in 2009.

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