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Smitty and URL holding lightsabers — the signature weapon of the Jedi —, on 31 December 2999, at the Head Museum. [1ACV01] Smitty and URL are peace officers.
LeaderGrand master
First appearance"Crimes of the Hot" (4ACV08)
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The Jedi are a monastic organisation in the Star Wars universe. They use their supernatural abilities to defend peace and justice in the galaxy.

In 3003, when Nixon and Wernstrom were going to extinguish a billion robot lives, the professor said that the Jedi were going to feel it. [4ACV08]

In 3010, when Zoidberg tricked H.G. Blob's son into leaving him and Cubert alone, Cubert told him that he was some kind of dumpster Jedi. [6ACV09]

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