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The Infinite Wisdom™ of the Infosphere is our decision to an unconfirmed dispute. Disputes which cannot be confirmed by 20th Century Fox or Futurama's makers. Therefore we must at times decide based on what we feel is the most likely position.

To propose another issue, please create a discussion on the talk page.


Article(s) of interest Case Type Result
Sean, Turanga Leela Name of Leela's former boyfriend.
Suggested spelling include 'Shawn', 'Shaun' and 'Sean'.
Spelling Sean
Eric Rogers confirms it is 'Sean'. (Discussion).
Chroniton Name of the tiny purple particles.
Suggested spelling include 'chroniton' and 'chronoton'.
Spelling chroniton
Compromise; 'chronoton' will be mentioned in the article. 'Chroniton' is preferred per phonetics (Discussion).
Blatherbot Name of the unnamed British Robot in The Beast with a Billion Backs
Suggested names include 'Blatherbot'
Name Blatherbot
No decent alternatives.
Monks of Dschubba, Godfellas Name of the 'crazy sect' in "Godfellas"
Suggested names includes 'the Shubah', 'Deshuba', 'Dschubba' and 'Teshuvah'.
Name/Spelling Dschubba
Based on the fact that Ken Keeler mentions its name is based on a constellation, and Dschubba is the only one (Discussion).
Bend Her, Coilette Spelling of the fembot Bender
Suggestions include "Coilette", "Coillette", "Coilete" and "Coillete".
Name/Spelling Coilette
Based on the word "coil" and the French -ette to feminise it (Discussion).
The Day the Earth Stood Stupid, The Big Brain, Transcript How "reason" was misspelt.
Suggestions include "rason", "raisin" and "raeson".
Spelling raeson
Has the phonetic sound as what the Big Brain says, and seems more likely than "rason" (Discussion).
Bender Bending Rodriguez The usage of an acute over the 'i' in Bender's surname. Name/spelling Rodriguez
In "Forty Percent Leadbelly", Bender writes "The Ballad of Me, Ramblin' Rodriguez" (9:41).
Dr. John A. Zoidberg Spelling of "woop" (sound uttered by Dr. Zoidberg)
Alternative spellings include "whoop" and "wop".
Spelling woop
Due to the long o, and transcript relations (Discussion).
Glurmo What way "Glurmo" should be spelt.
Alternative spellings include "Glermo".
Spelling Glurmo
Due to his relation to Slurm.
Xanthor What way "Xanthor" should be spelt.
Alternative spellings include "Xanfor", "Zanfor" and "Zanthor".
Spelling Xanthor
Otherwise it would have little meaning. See article for explanation.