Energy being

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Energy being
M5438, the most well-known of the energy beings.
HomeworldAnother dimension
Melllvar's species: Omega 3
First appearance"Love's Labours Lost in Space" (1ACV04)

As Amy once said, the energy beings are entities of pure energy with spherical, glowing bodies (1ACV04). They are aliens who have evolved beyond their physical bodies and, according to Bender, originate from another dimension that is big on musical theatre. Despite their lack of physical bodies, they still seem to have genders and were represented in Miss Universe Pageant 3001 by Miss Heaven (2ACV06).


Various creatures resemble the energy beings. Melllvar's species is a unique race of cloud-shaped energy beings from Omega 3 that have an electro-quantum structure which the Planet Express crew thought could be overloaded, but instead makes them grow (4ACV11). It is unknown if Melllvar and his mother are the same species as M5438, but, based on their dissimilar structures, this seems unlikely (4ACV11). The Robotic gas forms on the Robo-Planetoid are physically similar to them, and may be of a related species (6ACV09).


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    M5438: I understand. One day you will evolve beyond your physical body and, on that day, I hope you will pick up the phone.