Morgan Proctor

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Secondary character
Morgan Proctor
Planet of originEarth
Bureaucrat grade19
First appearance"How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back" (2ACV11)
2ACV11Nora Dunn
TBwaBBTress MacNeille

Morgan Proctor is a bureaucrat (grade 19) who works at the Central Bureaucracy inspecting other bureaucrats. She temporarily worked for Planet Express while Hermes was away due to stress. [2ACV11] During the time she was there, she had a secret affair with Fry because she was secretly tired of being around neat freaks and found his filthiness kinky, sometimes becoming uncontrollably aroused.


Bender discovered the affair one night after returning from cleaning the Professor's ears, a task Morgan reassigned him to. The next day she downloaded his brain to cover up the affair and sends it to the Central Bureaucracy for filing, knowing it will be years before anyone will find it. To save the day, and undermine her authority, Hermes discovers she had only stamped a form four times instead of at least five times when she was younger and reports her to Number 1.0. This makes her lose her job as the acting bureaucrat at Planet Express.

She can be seen in Leela's dream, attending Fry's funeral along with the rest of his former girlfriends. Later, she is infected by one of Yivo's tentacles. Proctor also attended Planet Express's 100th-delivery party, in 3010.

Additional Info


    Morgan: A skunk knocked over my garbage and suddenly all I could think of was you.

    Morgan: Dirty boy, dirty dirty dirty!

    Leela: You and Morgan were having an affair?
    Fry: I couldn't help it. She loved me because of the part of me that's a slob and I loved her because of the part of me that's desperate.