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|label8=Title caption reference
|label8=Title caption reference
|data8={{{caption reference|}}}
|data8={{{caption reference|}}}
|label9=First air date
|label9=First aired
|data9={{{first air date}}}
|data9={{{first aired}}}
|label10=Broadcast number
|label10=Broadcast number
|data10={{{broadcast number}}}
|data10={{{broadcast number}}}

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Documentation for {{episode infobox}}


This is for episode articles. However, all episode articles have been written, so it is only here should there come a new season. This template works together with the {{navigation bottom}} template, which supplies the navigation for the bottom.


{{episode infobox
|season             = Which production season the episode was in
|name               = Name of episode
|image              = Image link
|from film          = In case the episode is a cut from a film.
|no                 = Episode number (in order of production)
|broadcast number   = Like "number", but just in order of broadcast.
|broadcast season   = Broadcast season (optional, only use when different from production season)
|caption            =
|first aired        =
|written by         =
|written A          = (optional) in case of several writers, use this.  Type of A writer, can be left off if all writers are the same type
|written A by       = (optional) writer A.  So on till E.
|directed by        =
|directed A         = (optional) in case of several artists, use this.  Type of A artist, can be left off if all artists are the same type
|directed A by      = (optional) artist A.  So on till E.
|title reference    = (optional)
|caption reference  = (optional)
|opening cartoon    = The cartoon that appear in the opening sequence (optional if unknown)
|sponsor            = For the fake sponsor at the beginning of a few episodes (optional)
|special guest      = (optional) Guest voice actor(s)
|nomination         = (optional) What the episode had been nominated for,
                      add indication for won nomination, no standard yet.
|broad prev         = Previous episode (in broadcast order) 
                      (optional for where production and broadcast order are not the same)
|broad next         = Next episode (in broadcast order) (optional)
|hasanimatic        = yes/no (default: no) If there is an animatic available (optional)
|hascommentary      = yes/no (default: yes) If there is a commentary available. (optional)

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