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Tertiary character
Deceased character
Sea Gasket.png
Seagasket (in the middle) at New Jersey's Pine Barrens Hunt Club, in 3012. [7ACV11] Also present are Bender, the queen of Yonkers, and the huntmaster.
Date of death3012
First appearance"31st Century Fox" (7ACV11)
Voiced byFrank Welker

Seagasket was a robot horse that, in 3012, the huntmaster at New Jersey's Pine Barrens Hunt Club rode during a fox hunt. [7ACV11] After the hunt, the huntmaster transformed the horse into a helicopter by pulling one of its teeth as a lever. He hit it with a crop and it flew into a tree. He then used a similar horse to validate Bender's parking, and later to hunt Bender.

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