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Tertiary character
Robot fox
First appearance"31st Century Fox" (7ACV11)
Voiced byFrank Welker
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The robot fox was a character in season 7's "31st Century Fox" (7ACV11)


. The fox was made to be used while fox hunting but later freed by Bender, Fry and Leela. The fox was later adopted by the PE crew and the professor (wanted) to make him the new mascotte.

Later the fox ripped their new uniforms apart and peed on the locker room floor.

Additional Information


    [Bender's ankle is stuck in a clam. The fox runs round his legs.]
    Bender: Ahw! You know what it feels like to be hunted too, eh buddy? Would it be to much to ask you to stay with me in my final moments and die at my side? And you die first. [Fox growning and biting Bender's ankle.] Huh-hey! You lousy son of a- [Fox bit of bender's foot.] Oh, I get it! You freed me! [Looks at leg without foot.] You lousy son of a-!

    [Fox is seen in a big pile of ripped Planet Express uniforms.]
    Zoidberg: Our maginificent uniforms! They're ruined!
    Fry: And he peed on the lock room floor, that's my territory!